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Вісник Маріупольського державного університету
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Bulletin of Mariupol State University
Головна | Requirements for articles
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    Before publishing articles, the author shall submit the following documents to the editorial office via email:
    1) reference:
    2) article;
    3) a scan-copy of an independent expert’s review;
    4) extended abstract to the article in English which contains: author’s name and surname, the title of the article, the summary of the article (at least 35 lines with key words);
    5) a copy of receipt for payment of the fee for the publication of scientific article (after it was approved for publishing by Editorial Board).


    1. The Editorial Board recommends articles for publishing only if they meet the requirements. Scientific papers shall have the following structure:

    - articulation of the key issue and scientific and practical challenges;

    - a review of recent research papers and publications which provide the basic review of the issue articulated by the author, the study of previously unaddressed aspects of the key issue of the article;

    - presentation of basic material of the research with results objectivized;

    - conclusions and recommendations for further research on this topic.

    1. The conference paper is to be 1-3 full pages, figures, charts and reference literature included.
    2. Type-written text (Microsoft Word 97-2002) is to be submitted on electronic storage devise and/or sent by e-mail to the organizing committee. Preferred Font: Times New Roman, Symbol, 12 pt.
    3. The margins: mirror, top – 20 mm, bottom- 25 mm, left and right- 25 mm, interval 1,5. Paragraph – 1 cm.
    4. Content of the abstract: title (centered, capital letters, bold type). Author’s first name, initials (small letters). Summary (up to 6 sentences, in the language of report) precedes the body text. All publications cited in the text should be presented in order of their appearance in the text in a list of references (in Russian, Ukrainian and English) following the text and marked in the text within square brackets: [reference number, page number]. The list of references is followed by title, author’s name and short abstracts.
    5. The languages of the abstracts: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Greek.
    6. The text is to be aligned across the page.
    7. The author’s/the authors’ name(s), the title, the summary and the numbers of the reference list are to be aligned to the left margin without paragraph.
    8. The formulae are to be centered and enumerated at the end of the line. The figures and illustrations are to be the part of the text.
    9. The paper content parts are to be typed through an interval.
    10. The word wrap in the title of the paper is not allowed. The author is responsible for the content of the paper submitted and confirms it by his/her signature.

    2. The number of universal decimal classification is to be aligned to the left margin in a separate line and precede the author’s/the authors’ name(s) and surname(s). The text should be structured as follows:

    - the author’s/the authors’ name(s) and surname(s) are to be aligned to the left margin without paragraph;
    - title is to be centered, in capital letters, bold type;
    - summary in the language of report (italics);
    - key words are to be marked with the heading “Ключові слова” (“Key words”) (italics);
    - main body of the article;
    - a list of references;
    - date when the article was submitted to the Editorial Board written in Arabic numerals after the list of references (aligned to the left);
    - the main body of the article is followed by the author’s/the authors’ name(s) aligned to the left margin;
    - title in English is to be centered, in capital letters, bold type ();
    - extended abstract in English (35 lines, italics); it is necessary to provide extended abstract in Ukrainian for publishing the article in any other language.

    Extended abstracts are to be structured according to the “SCOPUS List of the Requirements for Journals”.
    Key words in English are to be marked with the heading “Key words” (italics)

    3. Requirements for Conference Papers:

    – the article is to be submitted in a hard copy (sheet of А4, Microsoft Word 97-2003 format) and in a soft copy on electronic storage devise or sent by e-mail. The conference paper is to be 10-15 full pages, figures, charts and reference list included. The main body of the article: preferred font: Times New Roman, Symbol, 14 pt, interval – 1,5. The margins: mirror, top – 25 мм, bottom – 25 мм, inside – 25 мм, outside – 25 мм., paragraph – 10 мм.
    – the references are to be listed alphabetically or in an order of appearance in the text following the main body of the article and marked with the “List of References” title. The references on the list are to be numbered manually, without using a “Format-List-Numbering” command in the Word toolbar. The list of references is to be provided in a source language;

    As all the articles are included in scientometrical databases, the authors should follow the following reference list requirements. Every reference on the list may be either provided in a source language or transliterated.

    – Symbols. Authors should use angle quotes or Guillemets: «»; hyphen is a short dash «-». There is no need to put extra spaces before square brackets or round brackets, or inside them. To avoid this, you should use “Show formatting symbols” command;

    4. Accompanying materials:

    – the article is to be accompanied by the short information about the author where surname, name and patronymic, his/her academic degree, title, position, place of work, ZIP-code, home address, telephone numbers, e-mail address are stated. The information is to be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian, and English language.

    5. The Editorial Board anticipates that the materials submitted have not been published or submitted for publishing in other publications previously and contain reliable data. The author is responsible for the reliability of facts, statistics and other data provided by him/her. The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit, cut or reject the article as well as the right to publish, distribute and use the article in scientometrical databases, open sources and Internet websites (MSU e-library). The authors’ opinion may differ from the Editorial Board’s point of view.


    Before publishing the articles the Editorial Board reviews them to ensure the high level of competence of “The Mariupol State University Journal” (hereinafter referred to as the Journal). Before being published, the articles are to be reviewed and edited by the Editorial Board of the Journal under the following procedure:

    • articles are checked on meeting all the requirements for conference papers and then registered;
    • prior review of the submission and its further review by the members of the Editorial Board or the group of experts;
    • the referee process (from 5 up to 21 days). If any further corrections are required, the article is sent back to the author for further review;
    • a new edition is compiled of the articles reviewed by the author, refereed by the Board and approved by the editor-in-chief;
    • a new issue is edited and printed at the publishing house of Mariupol State University.

    1. While checking the articles for meeting the requirements the attention is paid to the technical requirements for the structure provided by the Editorial Board of the Journal.
    2. Prior review of the manuscript is carried out by the executive editor and if his/her review is positive, the article is to be send over to an expert (a group of experts) for the secret review, which takes from 5 up to 21 days.
    3. After the scientific content of the manuscript is reviewed, the experts evaluation is drawn under a certain procedure and then submitted to the executive editor for the review.
    4. In case if the positive review is given and all the requirements are met, the Editorial Board informs authors their manuscripts are accepted for publication in the next issue. The author is to be informed of the decision made by the board.
    5. If the manuscript fails to meet the requirements or /and the evaluation contains comments, the Editorial Board returns the articles for further review.
    6. The articles checked and reviewed are compiled in a new issue which is authorized for printing by the editor-in-chief and by the decision of the academic board of University.

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